They Love Their New House! Rubios Testemonial – Real Estate Sonoma County

Anita - Realtor - Keller Williams Sonoma County CA
Anita - Realtor - Keller Williams Sonoma County CA
Published on September 17, 2020

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The Rubios had a great time buying their house! I was working with a business partner at the time Elizabeth and she and I had so much fun helping The Rubios sell and house and Buy this house! They followed our advice through the whole process and VOILA.. Got themselves a home! A whole lot of un for all of us. Gary Lentz At Loan Depot was their lender and everything was smooth sailing! Call Gary! Call Anita and Get going on Buying a home!

👇 S e l l e r ‘s G u i d e s :

👇 B u y e r’s G u i d e: 👇 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e:

✍ P r e – S h o o t C h e c k L i s t:

📕 V A G u i d e:

👇 H o m e s F o r H e r o e s F l y e r:

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