5 Tips to Putting Your House on the Market to Sell for Top Dollar

Anita - Realtor - Keller Williams Sonoma County CA
Anita - Realtor - Keller Williams Sonoma County CA
Published on December 10, 2020

5 Tips to Putting Your House on the Market to Sell for Top Dollar! Anita give great tips to use when selling your house especially if you are a first time seller!

December through February is typically when people think houses don’t sell but I know from experience that buyers who are looking at this time of year are serious. You want to be prepared for that and have your house ready to go.

My two favorite tips are paint everywhere that needs it (a neutral color) paint the front door and pay attentions to the outside too..curb appeal we say in the biz! That’s just the basics! Buyers are looking to buy!.. they are ready so don’t give them a reason to not put in an offer. When they drive up do they see “the buyer cared for this house?” or do they see sloppy, pig sty, unkept? Honestly! If you want Top Dollar a house that looks cared for will start the psychology of buying off with optimal opportunity to make that happen. Don’t kid yourself it matters!

Clean clean clean it up! Make sure the second impression when they walk in is amazing clean smells. That too means tot he buyer that you care for this house. You didn’t let it fall apart.. you cleaned fixed and kept the place in top condition.. think dollar signs!

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