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Houses for Sale in Petaluma ..Look into a great life in Petaluma!

The City By the River where City meets Country


The City of Petaluma is uniquely situated on the Petaluma River at the Northern end of the San Francisco Bay, and is the “southern gateway” to Sonoma County’s Wine Country. We are a full-service city, featuring City Hall, police and fire departments with ambulance service, public works and utilities, a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility, recreation programs and over forty city parks. Transportation amenities include public transit, the Petaluma Marina, and the Petaluma Municipal Airport. Petaluma’s population was 57,947 as of the 2010 United States Census, and the City of Petaluma employs over 300 employees.  Looking to Live in Petaluma:  Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Let talk about the art scene.. it is really fun and attracts the best artists..ART..check it out.  Houses for sale in Petaluma …

Since I grew up here I love it.  The weather is cool.  The living is great and it’s convenience to The Bay is terrific.

Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Everyone wants to know about Healthcare  and the Hospital..well it   is great  here in Petaluma.

Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Do you need to get somewhere?   Look into all kinds of Transportation.  Buses trains and planes.

East or West Side..You Pick!    Houses For Sale in Petaluma

Come on Move in!       Houses For Sale in Petaluma

Houses for Sale in Petaluma


Houses for sale in Petaluma

Where to go and What to See in Petaluma and Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Eat Cheese, Paddle on the River, Go to a Brewery, Walk the great Parks, Drink wine, Shop or Drive to the Pacific Ocean!


Here’s a great link to the City of Petaluma.    There are many great parks, from Helen Putnam Park to Shollenberger if you are up for hiking and long walks.  And there are many more!  Look here..Parks!

Houses For Sale in Petaluma

Some top favorite things to do are tasting cheese and Shopping.  Here are the shopping centers. Shopping at the Outlet Center.

Wondering to the Petaluma Creamery     There’s more Spring Hill Jersey Cheese     ,Achadinha Cheese  . 

Explore The California Cheese Trail     

Do you like recreating on water ?  Go to Petaluma Stand Up Paddle…   Paddle on the River!

Here are links to more River recreating.

Petaluma  is a great city for eating out.  Restaurants are in abundance.  Have fun dining out!  After you dine you can tour around and see great historic sights.. Petaluma has great history.

Are you looking to live here?   Look for Homes for Sale in Petaluma!   What Great Place to Live.   I love the Keokuk  area ….What is your favorite neighborhood?  Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Houses for Sale in Petaluma    Move in we  would love to have you as neighbors



Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Houses for Sale in Petaluma


Houses for Sale in Petaluma..learn about the neighborhoods!

Where are you going to live in Petaluma? Pick a great neighborhood. Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Petaluma is a great old city with wonderfully preserves neighborhoods  and old west history.  Here are some high lights of the neighborhoods on The West side.

Marker Alley

Part gritty industrial, part Class A office all alongside Petaluma’s farmland. Bikes, Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits are made in the industrial buildings that neighbor the Class A office spaces that are home to Petaluma’s growing technology sector.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma


A mash up of circa 1870’s iron fronts, old river warehouses, and a retired mill that serve as office space for growing tech, natural food, and creative companies alongside boutiques selling, kitchenware, clothing, books, antiques and art. It’s also where you go for movies, live music and acclaimed restaurants. Mini districts such as Kentucky Street, Petaluma Blvd, American Alley, Foundry Wharf, and 4th street thrive along the walkable streets and vintage buildings.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Houses for Sale in Petaluma 


Historic Mansions and restored Victorians lead the way to newer subdivisions and generous open space on the west end of town. Not uncommon to see deer, quail and wild turkeys in the area.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma


Anchored by the Petaluma Marina and the Sheraton Hotel, the Marina District contains some of Petaluma’s most successful businesses. Shollenberger Park connects the Marina to trails that extend southward through miles of scenic river marshland. Look out for birdwatchers! Other amenities in the district include upscale condominiums and apartments that round out Petaluma’s housing options.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Houses for Sale in Petaluma 


Where small families, small shops and major shopping centers meet along Petaluma’s East Washington commercial corridor. This neighborhood brings east to west and north to south connecting the historic downtown and Oak Hill Brewster, the Marina, College and Adobe Districts.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma


The Adobe District is filled with family friendly, quiet neighborhoods of tract-style housing dating from the 1950’s. Stretching east toward the Sonoma Valley, it is the last Petaluma neighborhood you see before moving on to Sonoma Wine Country. District amenities include a golf course, the Petaluma Airport, many sports fields and the historic Adobe home of General Vallejo.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma


Tree-lined streets, Victorians, Craftsmans, and Bungalows overlook Petaluma’s Historic Downtown and the Sonoma Valley beyond. It’s the quiet, next to the lively. Beautiful homes and parks within walking distance to the action downtown.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma


High-end homes flank Petaluma’s Junior College Campus, the Hospital and a series of walking trails, small parks and gathering centers link the north end to the south end of town. A great place to bike or walk away from the cars.  Houses for Sale in Petaluma

Houses for sale in Petaluma .. Click here to ge to a website with active listing service links.

The East side of Petaluma  started growing after the 1980’s though today.   It is nearly all modern homes and is where the shopping centers and life’s most popular convenience stores are located. Casa Grande High is the local East Side high school.   East Side neighborhoods.   

The Petaluma Airport is located here on Washington St.      Look for Homes for Sale in petaluma Here   

Houses for Sale in Petaluma


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